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Working with us. We are looking at recruiting passionate and dedicated professionals to join our incredibly diverse team

Role: Database Developer

SOC Code: 2136 Programmers and software development professionals
Position: 2 
Working hours: 37.5hrs/week
Wages: £26.50/hr
Contract Type: Full Time


  • Responsible for examining existing software and determining requirements for new/modified systems in light of Dacs business and clients needs.

  • Responsible for carrying out and undertaking feasibility study towards the design of software solutions to support DACs healthcare clients.

  • Responsible for coding individual programs according to software and database specifications.

  • Responsible for testing and rectifying software programs for Dacs business and clients.

  • Responsible for planning and maintaining database structures.

  • Solely responsible for the writing of operational documents and providing subsequent support and training for users.


  • Possess a BSc degree in Computer Science ,a related field or any subject area 

  • Demonstrate exceptional analytical and organisational skills.

  • Display an aptitude for comprehending front-end user needs and project requirements, coupled with a proactive problem-solving mindset.

  • Exhibit excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Showcase proficiency in utilising modern Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), particularly PostgreSQL.

  • Experience in crafting complex SQL queries and a proficiency in interpreting query plans.

  • Proficient in recognising well-designed databases, demonstrating an understanding of database normalisation principles and the necessary compromises that may arise.

  • knowledge in data migration, with an ideal background in executing data migration into production systems.

To request for application packs , please send your CV an cover letter to

Role: Website Designer

SOC Code: 2137 Web design and development professionals
Position: 3
Working hours: 37.5/hrs/week
Wages: £25/hr
Contract Type: Full Time

Job Summary:

We are looking for an individual who will be involved in the technical and graphical aspects of pages and will determine the look of the website as well as how it works. You will also be responsible for the maintenance of an existing site.


  • Responsible for liaising with internal/external Dacs clients to determine requirements and specification for web design projects. Responsible for the presentation of design options to the client. Responsible for the design of web pages including graphics, animation and functionality to maximise visual effectiveness and facilitate appropriate access.

  • Responsible for developing the websites/web apps designs and interfaces. Responsible for establishing appropriate methods to ensure website security and recovery. Responsible for developing and writing website contents.

  • Responsible for testing website interaction and performance prior to website indexing. Responsible for monitoring and maintaining the functionality of client's website.

To request for application packs , please send your CV an cover letter to

Role: Graphic Designer

SOC Code: 3421 Graphic designers
Position: 2
Working hours: 37.5/hrs/week
Wages: £17.50/hr
Contract Type: Full Time

Job Summary:

We are looking for a graphic designer who will create visual communications such as adverts, branding, publicity materials and magazine layouts for Dacs clients. Graphic designer who will utilise graphic design skills to create media products such as magazines, labels, advertising and signage for Dacs client.


  • Responsible to produces or oversees creation of the final products before delivery to clients.

  • Responsible for undertaking research into project, considers previous related projects and compares costs of using different processes

  • Responsible for preparing sketches, scale drawings, models, colour schemes and other mock-ups to show
    clients and discusses any required alterations or redesign.

  • Responsible to prepare specification and instructions for realisation of the Dacs clients graphics project.

  • Responsible for coordinating with Dacs clients , website designers , marketing team , printing team and
    colleagues as necessary. 

  • Contributing to team efforts by accomplishing tasks as needed, communicating with DACS clients about layout and design , Creating a wide range of graphics and layouts for product illustration, online/ digital marketing , company logos and using
    software such as photoshop .

To request for application packs , please send your CV an cover letter to

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